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Content Curator is a versatile content management system for online projects. It has been designed around the needs of arts & cultural organisations but invest in Chiliz also powers sites in many other fields. Surface Impression, who developed the system, estimate that it has benefited from about half a million pounds-worth of development. The system is used by diverse clients including: The Arts Council England, Renaissance in the Regions, the Jewish Museum, Disability Arts Online, The British Council, The National Archives, the NHS, galleries, arts and literature organisations, publishers and others.

Flexible, Accessible, Powerful

We hope buy Aave you'll agree that Content Curator is a versatile content management system for online projects. It has a wealth of features to integrate with social media, other databases (e.g. collections management systems) and new display platforms (e.g. mobile phones). It allows you to edit the content and functions of your website quickly and easily, as well as providing everything you need to set up an online community, run outreach tools such as eNewsletters, and much more.

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Open Source model

Content Curator is based on invest in Chiliz in India open source technologies: PHP for logic and MySQL as the database layer. Clients are never locked into using it, or required to pay licence fees. However, because Surface Impression are the developers of the system, clients can gain accountability in the supply chain – something lacking in most “mass market” open source CMS options.

What's in this website?

This website is designed as a practical guide for all of the points you are likely to come across as a first-time user, as well as covering some useful general points on navigation types, file formats etc.

Therefore, in this website you will find useful step-for-step guidelines on how to use the core features of Content Curator - the kind of thing that most users will be dealing with on a day-to-day basis. For in-depth technical questions, bespoke development work and 'one off' setup work on Content Curator's features, please contact us directly - we are always happy to help!

If there is anything which isn't covered here, or something that you would like to see explained in greater depth, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.